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So Ready For The 2012 AFROPUNK Festival.

What's The Skinny?.

TFS @The Brooklyn Museum! – Keith Haring.

I love stumbling upon super talented people!

Last week Vicki and I attended Harlem Pride. We loved the location and the musical acts and poetry were on point.

The last musical guest was Patrick Ian Polk. We watched (and listened) as he moved the crowd with sexy lyrics and a smooth voice.


After his performance he urged the audience to check out The Skinny, the newly released movie that he wrote the soundtrack for.

Vicki and I made a point to see the movie, which had a limited release and would only be showing for five more days. Little did we know, Mr. Polk actually wrote and directed the movie!

We later realized that he was responsible for the hit series Noah’s Arc as well!

We enjoyed the movie which followed 5 friends (4 males and 1 female) on their adventures during Pride weekend in NYC. The movie focused on some serious topics (infidelity, promiscuity and STD’s) but softened it with characters you want to root for and witty one-liners.

After watching the film I read a NY Times review that scolded Polk for the films level of promiscuity. We feel however it gave the film a level of realness and made it easier to tackle the importance of getting tested. What we did find unrealistic was the reactions of the lead characters when finding out upsetting news…a little too mediocre. But we do appreciate that he didn’t resort to fighting (another black stereotype). The film didn’t need the extra drama and wrapped up nicely with a running time of 1:40 mins.


NOTE: the film has been extended! And as an added treat there will be Q&A sessions with Patrick-Ian Polk after the following showings: 6/29 9:50 p.m., 6/30 3:05 p.m., and 7/1 3:05 p.m. at the Quad Cinema.

I was so excited to see Keith Haring’s exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

I grew up as a kid in NYC and seeing his art was of profound influence. He was one of the 1st artists that I can remember identifying with in my youth and adolescence. He believed art was for everyone…

…and not being the most skilled artist I could understand and appreciate this concept. The little stick figures in a book for children that I had drawn and conceptualized in elementary school were just as graceful and important as the Sistine Chapel’s of the World, lol.

But really, I just loved his simplicity…

….and vulgarity a lot

There is a method to his madness as the alphabet key pictured below in his composition notebook dictates.

Before there was Diana or Beyoncé,
there was JOSEPHINE!

written and performed by Cheryl Howard
directed by Ian Steicher
presented by Emerging Artists Theatre

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 6:15 pm, Kya, her sister Khristy and I went to see the sneak peek of this one woman stage play about THE SENSATIONAL JOSEPHINE BAKER. We only got to see short excerpts of this perspective on the Queen.

Check it out @:

The Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row
410 West 42nd Street, NYC
(between 9th & 10th Avenues)